Marathon training run 26 / Brockwell Parkrun

Originally I hadn’t planned on doing Brockwell parkrun as today I was supposed to do Watford Half Marathon, however with the over night forecast as it was I decided to do the Parkrun just to maintain my 5 runs per week. Not sure how it happened but I missed the start by approximately 2 minutes, which had an effect on my run, as I definitely run quicker when there are similar placed runners around. I finished in 20:18 ‘ish. And then ran a bit past the finish so the Garmin would actually record 5km instead of 4.96km, but Strava still didn’t record it as a 5km best effort 😦
But given all that I was pleased with my time, as I shouldn’t have raced that fast just in case the snow didn’t come and I’d have been able to race Watford.
So I might head out in a bit to try and get a 13 mile run in, but the snow hasn’t melted.

Here’s a photo from the brockwell Flickr photo stream.


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