Marathon Run #33 – one too many

Well that was a mistake, but could also turn out as a blessing in disguise. After giving my leg 11 days rest I decided to run on it to see how it faired and what it would be like with just under 2 weeks to go until the marathon. It was my standard 8k run home from work but as it was my first run I took it steady running 1k, walking for 1 minute. I was pleased as it seemed that running wasn’t a struggle and I was able to hold a good pace so it meant I hadn’t lost the fitness.
But after 4k of running I could feel a niggle but after 5k I wouldn’t call it running, more run with the right leg and drag the left foot!
So now just been to the physio who told me there is no chance of running the marathon, which is what I expected based on my last attempt to run. There was no chance of running 26 miles, so in a way I am glad I did the run as I didn’t want to rest and then end up pulling up in the marathon. It also gives me the chance to defer my entry to next year, which means I will be running the marathon in Olympic year. It should also mean quite a good field of elites, although I’ll never see them.

So now it is time to rest, rehabilitate and ensure my swimming and cycling are now up to scratch for the London Triathlon on 31 July.

I might even be able to get down to the 74kgs I have been aiming for and do an Autumn marathon instead.

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