Marathon Training Runs 31-32

Ok so the final 3 weeks of marathon training are going to be hard.  After getting so many miles in the bank, I’ve been told by my physio that I shouldn’t run/severely cut down on my running in the lead up to the marathon, otherwise risk not being able to run.  So far I’ve had 1 week off running.  I might squeeze ParkRun in on Saturday (more as a fitness test) and then rest until the next ParkRun before doing my planned final week of training.

I have a very acute pain in my peroneal tendon on the left side. The annoy thing is it actually feels ok to run on it, just walking and sitting at my desk at work then moving it becomes very painful.  So although I feel I can continue to train on it I don’t want to risk it getting worse and ruining my marathon.

My final 2 runs to log from last week are:

31) Run to work

32) Last run before being told by physio to stop

I feel it is time for some stats in the style of the build up to the boat race.  They put in 2 hours training for every stroke of the race (approx 600) so 1,200 hours training for 18 minutes of racing!

So as comparison for me, I’ve so far (and won’t increase much) put in 33h 22min of training for my planned 3h 30min so that works out at 10minutes training for every minute raced, or 6.7 seconds of training for every step.  So not quite the hours for the boat race.

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