Marathon Training Runs #27 to 30

I failed in my Marchvellous challenge!

This week I managed 3 of 4 runs (75%) and only 6 miles of my planned 20 miles (30%) which gives an average of 53%. Rubbish!

My 4th run of the week was supposed to be the 20 miler but I headed back in as quick as I went out as I’ve somehow hurt my little toe on my right foot.

So runs for the week

27) Run home from work

28) Lap of Clapham Common

29) 1.5 Laps of Clapham Common

So to make up for the lack of a long run, I’ve been out on a Monday and will try and get 5 runs done this week, and also space them better so I don’t try fitting them all in the end of the week.

30) Run to Sainsburys and back.

Totals to date

Count: 30 Activities
Distance: 347.56 km
Time: 31:56:03 h:m:s
Avg Speed: 10.9 km/h
Avg HR: 153 bpm
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