Marathon Training runs #23 to 26

So I am keeping up 100% score in Marchvellous which is good. With work commitments it meant that I had to do 4 runs back to back to ensure it got done but my legs are still feeling good which is a good sign.

The week started with a 5k run done at Marathon pace, I was planning on going at a more tempo speed but I didn’t head out until 8:30pm as I got home late from work, so legs felt tired after 3k. But I felt good for actually getting out as it would have been so easy to just stay in.

This left Friday as my day to fit in the structured main midweek run.  I did it on the way into work which was good as it ensured it got done (also meant I was carrying extra weight), but also meant I had stiff legs by lunch time.  This was a 20min easy/20min tempo repeat and with 3k warm down. Do think I actually maintained the 20min tempo with stop/starts for traffic lights, but I ensured I tried to run as fast as I could for those 20mins.

Saturdays plan was to do ParkRun as I have this as a target to go sub 20:30 as part of Marchvellous, but with too much faffing ending up leaving the house as it was due to start.  In the end I did a 4k warm up with a 5x 220m uphill this equated to about 50second intervals and the 220m was because this was the distance between the 2 bins I was using as markers.  So this ended up being a good session as this hill is what I stuggle on in the 2nd lap of parkrun so if I know I can run that at a decent pace I should get 20:30.

Sunday’s long run which I’ve just got back from was 32k with intervals! Looking at a similar session to this that I did 2 years ago I’m averaging 10sec/km quicker on my long runs. I have also bagged 6 long runs already over the 5 I did 2 years ago so everything is going well.  The plan is to fit in another 30k+ run next weekend, and then do a duathlon which will only be 15k of running but mixed with the bike should be the equivalent of racing a hard half marathon.

Weekly Totals:

Count: 4 Activities
Distance: 61.53 km
Time: 05:35:22 h:m:s
Avg Speed: 11.0 km/h
Avg HR: 152 bpm
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