Marathon Training Runs #13 to 18

Oops, after last night making sure I was up to date, I know realise I haven’t actually put these up

13) Park Run – would have been a PB if the first week didn’t have a short course

14) 1hour 40min easy run

15) Run to work

16) Run home from work

17) Run to work

18) Long weekend run 27km

While I put that there here are some stats:

Count: 21 Activities
Distance: 224.54 km
Time: 20:38:17 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 1,327 m
Avg Speed: 10.9 km/h
Avg HR: 154 bpm
Calories: 19,017 C
Avg Distance: 10.69 km
Max Distance: 26.99 km
Avg Time: 00:58:57 h:m:s
Max Time: 02:25:13 h:m:s
Max Avg Speed: 14.4 km/h
Max Speed: 26.2 km/h
Max Avg HR: 176 bpm
Max HR: 204 bpm

So based on efficieny of 40% and 9kcal for fat that is 850g of fat lost!

If I ran constantly due north in a straight line luckily I would still be on land, somewhere near here:
View Larger Map

Or due West would have put me just past Barry in Wales.

Wonder what my post marathon stats will be now I’ve got 4 weekends of long runs?

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