Racing Weight – 2 rucksacs to go?

After my run home tonight I decided to weigh my rucksac to see how heavy it was – 4.5kg which got me thinking.  4.5kg in my rucksac looks like this loaded up…

Now this is what I can’t work out I currently weigh 82.5kg looking like this,

and I think I should be able to get to 74-75kg which would mean losing 8.5kg or roughly 2 rucksacs.  Now that would be amazing as carrying 2 of those around is a lot of extra weight, but I don’t know where it is going to come from? But it should be free speed.

What makes me think I am able to get to 74kg is an approximate guess that my body fat % is probably about 20-22% based on a google image search, this is what 20% BF looks like (apologies if this is you).

Then based on the calculation in racing weight that would give me a lean body mass of (.78×82.5=) 64.35 kg so 10% body fat (would always be tired from training) would be  71kg, while 15% would be 74kg. So my thinking is right, but how can the difference between this be equal to 2 rucksacs?

Also with 6 weeks to go until the marathon, then 8kg weight loss is too much too quickly so I’ll have to aim for going to the race at around 78kg (-1 rucksac!)



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