Marathon Training Runs #19 to #21

Well I said a few blog posts ago I would get better at ensuring I updated my blog after every run, but as you will tell by the title of this being #19 to #21 I’ve slipped a bit from that.  But this will be a good restart!

Ok so runs #19 to #21 form part of my Marathon Talk Marchvellous challenge.  After basically listening to the podcasts for so long I decided I should sign up to this, and also it would give me a bit more motivation to ensuring I have consistent runs throughout March.  Too many times within my marathon training have I found myself being too lazy and ending up realising I’ve recorded no runs for almost a week.

So my target that is set covers 4 whole weeks in March to:

1) Run at least 4 times per week

2) of which 1 will be a long run changing week by week from 17 miles to 19, 20 then 19 miles

3) record a 20:30 5k run at Park Run sometime during the 4 weeks.

I set myself the 20:30 target time as that is the time I got in my first Park Run when the course was about 500m short.  So it would be good to get a PB and run it over the full 5k now they’ve corrected the course.  To think that I would be able to run 500m further in  the same time would be a 10% increase which I’d be very happy with.  I have also set myself the long term aim of running sub 20min 5k around the same time as the marathon (but not during it), so I will be well on that target.

So today is Friday and I am at 3 runs for the week, and I plan to give Park Run a go tomorrow but just to get the run under my belt, and my long 17 mile run on the Sunday. At the moment this is all just planned but I feel confident of achieving it.

So runs #19 to #21 have been:

19) Run home from work (9k)

20) Lazy marathon pace early morning 4k run

21) Interval run – 15 min easy, 4x (10min tempo, 2min easy), 15min easy (15k)

In other news I am now up to £80 donated to NACC for the marathon. I can put a clever widget below this and hopefully by the time you read this it will have moved on above £80, but if not click on it-donate-and watch it increase.

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