Marathon Training Runs 10-12

3 runs in 5 days, not bad going. That’s my highest run:day ratio so far in this training stint, and hopefully should add another 2 in the next 2 days.

First run here was just see how quick I could do a training 5km, these are never as fast as my parkrun times given the fact I need to wait for traffic/dodge other pedestrians.  So a 26:10 5.1km run was reasonable.  Also as I had my operation on my jaw this week training suffered so wanted to just get out and get a short blast out of the way so i didn’t have a zero run count for the week.  Also developed a bit of what I think is tendonitis in my big toe, but the pain has gone with the dosage of ibroprofen I’m on for my jaw.

Second run was a run home from work, I’m planning on adding more of these to my training. As I can get the train into work and just run home with my stuff which means I don’t need to worry about showering at work.  There are various routes home so it means I can do a straight 7.5km door to door or add in a stretch of the thames and come back via Clapham to make a good 10k-15k run depending on what runs I need.  I think I’ll only run one way during Feb and look to add in a few double run days in March.

Had a day off work today, so managed to finally fit in a proper mid-week interval training session:

3k warm up

2x (20min threshold w/3min rest)

10 min threshold

2k warm down

Did almost 16k in just over 1h23min (ave pace 5:16/km) – legs felt tired when I hit the 20 min threshold bits but worked through it and managed 4:35/km pace, bit down on where I want to be with 4:25 threshold pace but it is getting there. (Touch wood the tendonitis is not reoccuring at the moment).

-I’ve got planned 2 runs from work and a long weekend run for Sunday. Might fit in ParkRun on Saturday to see if I can still achieve 21:00 on tired legs (but increased fitness).



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