Marathon Training Runs #5-9

Oops, a bit of a need for a catch up as I’ve slipped at not blogging each training run as I do them; but at least I’m doing the runs which is the most important bit of it.

If I am totally honest I am probably not running enough 9 runs in 30 days is 1:3.33  runs per day ratio where as I should be at 4 runs per week so almost half of that plan.

I’ve put in a few runs to or from work which is just over 10k door to door with Knight’s Hill/South Norwood Hill in the way.  The positive of that is I’ve got faster up the hill/feel a lot more comfortable at it.

Today for run #9 I did my first proper long run, so I can build it up about 1 mile per week from here.  Started off with 3k easy as a warm up, then 4x (5min tempo – 1min rest), 1 hour easy, 15min tempo, easy run the rest of the way home.  Logged 23.4km in 2h07min so under a 2hour half marathon.  Generally happy with that as the bulk of the run was easy pace ~5:40/km which is about 40seconds slower than I would normally run a half at.  Listened to two MarathonTalk podcasts which are good motivators, bit different to listening to high tempo music but a good way of passing the time as you kind of know in your head that you need to listen to 5 songs on the tempo run so you start counting the time down.

So time for the links to runs 5-9

Run 5: 5k Park Run – 21:09

Run 6: Run to work 10.3k – 58:05

Run 7: Run home from work – 10.1k – 58:12

Run 8: Run home from work – 9.9k – 54:15

Run 9: Long Run 23.3k – 2:07:10

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