Marathon Training Runs #3 and 4

So with almost 2 weeks since my last run due to a lingering cold, today did a double run. 10.3k to work and 5.5k back before catching the bus as my rucksack was causing my shoulder to hurt. I plan to do another run to work tomorrow morning so thought better of persevering.

The run to work was 2k warm up, repeat x3(1k I pace, 3min jog), then run the rest of the way to work. The 3x 1k intervals didn’t go to plan as I hit Knights hill for my 1k interval so I couldn’t hit I pace, but it certainly got my HR up!

So plan to run 10k tomorrow, 5k park run on sat, and then Sunday I’ll head out for a long ride on my bike (in TT mode). I want to see how that goes as I might enter a couple of duathlons (10k run, 40k bike, 5k run) instead of pre-marathon half marathons.

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