Virgin London Marathon 2011 training begins

Well I’ve just completed my first run in the official build
up to the marathon; short and sweet. Yesterday I bought a
2011 diary so I could plan my marathon training for the next 15
weeks. I’m following the Daniel’s Running Formula plan that I did 2
years ago, but jumped to the 15 weeks to go point, even though the
plan is based around 24 weeks! The main lesson from my first
marathon is make sure you do all the planned long runs as I
definitely didn’t do this and suffered from mile 20, and don’t want
the same to happen. The training plan has 2 quality runs per week
(1 long run 2-3hrs, 1 interval run), which is then complemented
with as many (or few) 5-10k runs you want to add in during the
week. Based on this today’s run was run number 1 of 65 in prep. On
a side note good motivation reading leading up to training was
‘born to run’ recommended to me by Phil Wright, but also to blame
for missing a few runs in the past couple of weeks. So glad the
snow has finally disappeared. Distance 4.77km Time 27:15 Ave Pace
5:43/km Ave HR 152bpm

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