Parkrun #1

Well after many week since joining parkrun I’ve now completed my first one. I joined a few weeks ago to d Crystal Palace as my first, but ended up being too busy to make the short ride there. Then I heard that Brockwell Park was getting one, so only being 500m from my front door I didn’t have an excuse.

The run is completely free, timed 5k run. It is free because of the volunteers so will do that in a few weeks. It will be a good way of also keeping a fast run in my marathon training. Today I did 20:11 (unofficial), but the course was a bit short (ave 4:15/km), so I now have my bench mark for winter. I should be able to get to my long term goal of sub 20 5km soon (especially after weighing myself today I am 10-11kg over my racing weight). Given as a ball park figure each kg equals 2 seconds slower per km just getting to racing weight will reach my goal.

Race details:
20:11 (4:15/km)

P.S I got chick’d by someone pushing a baby jogger!

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