The bridge climb

Proof we did it.

A quality experience as it gave fantastic views over the harbour. Katie found the climb ok as it felt more enclosed than what it would probably have been like doing the top arch all of the way. Also a benefit of doing the express climb meant that we were finished by 11am so had the rest of the afternoon to sightsee.

After the bridge we headed around Circular Quay to the Opera House. This and the bridge are probably the two most iconic landmarks in Sydney and the whole of Australia (well maybe Urulu Ayres Rock is up there as well but we haven’t been there)!
We did the 1 hour tour which gave a good overview of how the place was built and a look inside at the concert halls. This changed my perspective on 2 things I didn’t realise. The first, that there are in fact 6 sails which don’t all con-join; and the second that there are multiple venues inside instead of one massive room. Although the two main rooms are still pretty big!

In the afternoon we hopped on a ferry at Southern Quay which is really close to our hostel and headed around to Darling Harbour. From the ferry we got really good shots of the bridge and opera house.

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