We are now in Sydney so it is on the countdown towards the end of our holiday/trip but there are still a fair few things to do before we land back at Heathrow.
This morning we had our very first surf lesson on Bondi Beach which was cool. Bondi is the place you hear about so we felt like we would have to learn here. In today’s lesson it was about getting used to getting out into the water with a massive board and letting the surf take you back to the beach; before attempting to try and stand up. After a few attempts I was able to stand but I wouldn’t call it a success.
We still have 4 hours worth of lessons to do tomorrow so hopefully some of the movements required for surfing properly will become more natural. Tomorrow we’ll probably just spend the afternoon wondering round the Bondi area and head back slowly to the city through Paddington and along Oxford Street.
We are catching the ferry over the Manly tonight to hopefully find a nice seafood restaurant and get away from the city centre food prices. Although converting it back into sterling isn’t too bad it is just not quite the same as halving everything like we did in NZ, and things in NZ that cost 20bucks are still 20 bucks here.

Just spent the afternoon in our hostel catching up on the inbetweeners episodes that we missed while away. Watching stuff on the iPad screen is heaps better than trying to watch off the iPhone. The iPad is also good for looking at the pictures we’ve taken so far on holiday, as the tiny screen on the camera isn’t that good; plus it gives us a chance to look back at the last month and remember what we’ve done.

I’m certainly enjoying long holidays and prefer them over a week on a Spanish/Greek island (but they are good for cycling)!

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